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So far the ‘Independence’ debate has been a sterile argument between unionists and nationalists.

Would independence impoverish Scotland and turn it into another Greece or Portugal on the periphery of Europe? Or would it make us a land of prosperity – a new Norway? More importantly, for trade unionists and socialists, the debate so far misses the crucial dimensions of class politics and the redistribution of income and wealth. What constitutional settlement would best allow the people of Scotland to break the power of big business and neoliberal policies and promote social and economic justice? And, as this folder agues, this has to be done in large part at British level because that is where the capital which controls Scotland’s economy is concentrated.

A Charter for Women

At work:

Campaign to reduce the gender pay gap and highlight its causes:

  • End job segregation by improving training and opportunities for women.
  • Ensure that unions fight more equal value claims.
  • Campaign to change equal pay law to permit ‘class action’ (group claims) and remove employer ‘get out’ clauses.
  • Campaign to raise the level of the national minimum wage to at least half, and rising to at least two thirds of male median earnings.
  • Demand statutory pay audits.

The British Road to Socialism 2001 edition


The peoples of the world are confronted today with problems of enormous magnitude. These include the ever-growing poverty and widespread malnutrition and disease which afflict billions of the world’s six billion population; war and the threat of nuclear catastrophe; and the environmental and ecological time-bomb which adds a new threat to human survival.

This need not be so. Never before in history have the rapid advances in science and technology provided such opportunities for the all-round development of every human being. But in Britain, as in other capitalist countries, a deep-seated crisis of the whole economic, social and political system adversely affects every aspect of life.

Peace Broadsheet

the ‘war on terror’ breeds terror

Occupied Iraq a catastrophe.

War threatened against Iran.
Sabre- rattling against Syria, North Korea and Venezuela.
People detained without trial indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay, and flown around the world to be tortured in secret.

The ‘war on terror’ casts a shadow over every continent and almost every aspect of life. US and British ‘state terrorism’ has lead to the deaths of tens of thousands and an attack on the rights of millions. It has strengthened ‘ fundamentalist’ terrorism rather than weakened it. It has trampled on international law and the authority of the United Nations.