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Referendum on Scottish Independence 2014

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Read the Communist Party's Analysis for the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014



Key Texts on the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014

The following featured publications give solid Left, Socialist & Marxist analysis into the key issues facing us in the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014. As the well known Socialist Owen Jones says in his introduction to the Red Paper on Scotland 2014 "This book is such an important contribution to renewing a crisis-ridden left. The outcome of the current debate in Scottish politics has clear ramifications in Britain and elsewhere.” The Debate on Scotland's Future is a very readable insight into the key areas of the Referendum, and explores how best the Scottish working class can go forward.


The Debate on Scotland's Future - a Communist View
Class, Nation and Socialism: the Red paper on Scotland 2014

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The Debate on Scotland's Future - a Communist View

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Welcome to Scottish Communists

Morning Star fund raising Social

8pm Saturday 2 August 2014

STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow G3 6NG

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2014 aug 2 morning star social gaelic web 2


Live music from:
Maeve MacKinnon
Mark Livingstone
Calum Baird
Tam Kirby
Paddy Morrison

Entry £5 - all proceeds to the People's paper The Morning Star!


Scottish "Independence" - Aye or Naw? Glasgow Partick Debate

The Communist Party Glasgow West branch held a successful public meeting in June 2014 to explore further the issues surrounding the Scottish Independence Referendum #indyref in September 18 2014. We were fortunate to have along Ray Mennie, Dundee Communist and member of the Scottish Committee of the Communist Party, who featured recently on an episode of Question Time and became somewhat of an Internet sensation!



Communist Party Statment on Referendum on Scottish Independence May 2014

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tommy morrison scottish sec communist party

Tommy Morrison, Scottish Secretary of the Communist Party

The Scottish Independence referendum takes place in sixteen weeks. Currently the polls are very close.  If there is a Yes vote, Scotland will separate in less than two years time, March 2016.  At this point Scottish MPs will leave Westminster. And if a Labour Government is elected in 2015, it is likely to fall: only one of the 59 Scottish MPs is currently a Tory.  44 are Labour.

Communists in Scotland do not support independence on these terms.  Since the 1930s the demand of Communists has been for progressive federalism, a demand also backed in the 1970s by the STUC and Scottish labour movement.

What does ‘progressive’ mean?  It is federalism that is not simply a constitutional fix but one which facilitates the struggle for progressive social change across the nations of Britain - which enables a social redistribution of wealth and power.  

Under progressive federalism the federal government at British level would control overall economic policy and be constitutionally required to redistribute income geographically in proportion to social need.  Parliaments in Scotland, Wales and, if supported locally, in the regions of England, would have power to own, to take utilities into public control, to intervene industrially to sustain employment and to increase the power of working people over the resources of their country.  

This was the vision of the Scottish Assembly of 1972: for a ‘workers parliament’ – one whose actions would help lift struggle elsewhere, to unite not divide.

The ‘independence’ offered by the SNP government’s White Paper is very different and, Communists argue, a trap for working people.  It will weaken and not strengthen their position against that of big business and the banks.

The ‘independence’ offered by the SNP government’s White Paper is very different and, Communists argue, a trap for working people.  It will weaken and not strengthen their position against that of big business and the banks.

The White Paper’s recipe for economic growth is to lower corporation tax. It seeks to offer stability for Scotland’s massive financial sector by remaining in the Sterling area and to guarantee the rights of external big business, which owns over 80 per cent of Scottish manufacturing industry, by seeking membership of the EU.  

Without a central bank or its own currency, Scotland’s budget would still be set by Westminster – and a Westminster run by Tories.  Austerity would continue.  And it would be policed by the EU. 

Without a central bank or its own currency, Scotland’s budget would still be set by Westminster – and a Westminster run by Tories.  Austerity would continue.  And it would be policed by the EU.  

The EU’s 2012 Stability Treaty, which Scotland would have to incorporate into its written constitution, specifies that annual deficits must not exceed 0.5 per cent and, if long-term borrowing or national debt exceeds 60 per cent of GDP, it must be brought down by 5 per cent a year.   Scotland’s debt is currently calculated as at least 85 per cent of GDP.  

Hence SNP independence would make austerity cuts even worse.  As for public ownership or ‘state aid’ for industry, forget it.  It’s not allowed under EU rules.

Hence SNP independence would make austerity cuts even worse.  As for public ownership or ‘state aid’ for industry, forget it.  It’s not allowed under EU rules.

Surprisingly, some sections of the Left have committed themselves to the Yes campaign: the Scottish Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, Solidarity, the International Socialist Group, the Socialist Party in Scotland and even some in the Labour Party are now part of the Radical Independence Coalition.

Read more...


VIDEO: Should Working Class Support Independence?

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As the Referendum on Scottish Independence draws nearer in 18th September 2014, the Communist Party brings a wealth of analysis as to what furthers the concrete interests of the Working Class.

More details here: CPB Scotland statement on Scottish Independence


Bill Greenshields, Chair of the Communist Party


Prof John Foster, International Secretary of the Communist Party



YCL Protest against Ukranian Fascism & persecution of the Communist Party Ukraine

May 2014 Edinburgh - Outside Ukrainian Consulate: Johnnie Hunter - YCL Scotland Organiser

Get involved in progressive politics - join the Young Communist League (YCL) at http://yclbritain.wordpress.com/



2014 European Elections - Vote No2EU



Glasgow George Square

Thursday 15 May

Speakers: Brian Denny, Brian Smith, John Foster

7.30 pm Piper on the Square, George Square


Tuesday, 20 May

Speakers: John Foster, Andrew Elliott

7.30 pm University Tower, Perth Road, Dundee


Wednesday, 21 May

Speakers: Murdo Maclean, Ritchie Veich

7 pm RAF, 11 Hillside Crescent (off London Road)

Candidates are 

Scotland-John Foster, Andrew Elliot, Murdo Maclean, Gail Morrow, Brian Smith, Ritchie Veitch


Dumfries Hope not Hate Anti-Racism Gig

Friday 23 May 2014 8:30pm-12:30am

Free admission. Over 18s only




2014 Glasgow May Day

May Day in Glasgow 2014






2014 Glasgow May Day: Communist & YCL Social

Sunday 4 May 5-10pm

Communist Party and Young Communist League Social - come and join the Reds in celebrating May Day!

Function Room of Dow's Bar (Opposite Queen St Station)

2014 may day cp ycl


Spring 2014: Young Communist Day School

An amazing and ground-breaking Young Communist League (YCL) Day School took place in Glasgow recently. Delegates from across Scotland came together to debate and share ideas as how to creatively apply Marxism to the conditions faced by the youth generation that is being so utterly failed by Capitalism.

Sessions included Back2Basics: Dialectical Materialism, Socialism and the Enviroment, Women & Class, Public Speaking, Marxism & Law and Socialism: Winning the Arguments.

Huge thanks to all the speakers and everyone involved in organising this fantastic landmark event!


ycl day school 2014


The Morning Star - Bob Crow's paper!

Be sure to become a daily reader. Bob Crow knew that the Morning Star was a vital weapon in the fight against Capitalism and for a better, socialist world http://www.morningstaronline.co.uk/

morning star bob  crow


CPB Scotland March 4 statement on Scottish Independence

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From Scottish EC 4 March agreed by Scottish Committee

The Scottish Committee of the CPB defends the right of nations to self-determination and condemns the Coalition government for its threats of non-cooperation.  If a majority of the Scottish people vote for independence in the 2014 referendum, then their decision should be respected.
Our commitment to the right to self-determination is one of principle.  At the same time, the Communist Party maintains its other principle of judging the exercise of that right in terms of the class interests of the Scottish people and of those of working people in Britain and internationally.
On this basis Communists do not believe independence on the terms proposed is in the interests of working people today any more than it was in the 1970s.  At that time Communists and the Left in the trade union led the way in the fight for a Scottish parliament with powers to intervene in the economy, to develop public ownership and increase labour’s power over capital – powers that would in turn strengthen the bargaining power of working people across Britain.
It is our conviction that independence as proposed in the White Paper would weaken such
bargaining power and strengthen that of big business and of its state machine at both British and Scottish level.  Membership of the sterling area would subordinate Scotland to current neo-liberal policies without any power to change them – as the same time as seriously eroding the opportunity for united working class action across the nations of Britain to do so.  Worse still, membership of the EU would oblige Scotland to incorporate in any written constitution the terms of the 2012 Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance.  This Treaty requires even tougher controls on government spending than the Stability and Growth Pact – with the same objective: using unemployment as the market regulator to curb the trade union movement.
While it is conceivable that some of the most reactionary aspects of the White Paper, such as NATO membership and reducing Corporation Tax, might be reversed as a result of subsequent political mobilisation by the Left, we judge it to be extremely unlikely that there would be a reversal of positions on Sterling and EU membership.  The transition to independence will take place at a time of diminishing oil revenues and unfavourable economic circumstances - allowing any Scottish government, and the big business controlled media, to call for fiscal ‘stability’ in face of adverse market reactions. Left-wing supporters of independence need to think through the consequences. The socialist Left does not possess anything like mass support in Scotland today.  Election results show this. The inevitably rancorous negotiations over the division of resources will harden nationalist attitudes.  Yet these years, 2015-2017, will be precisely when the terms of the new written Scottish Constitution will be determined and the SNP’s White Paper demonstrates a clear intent to do so on the terms set by big business and Scotland’s own finance capital sector.
This is why Communists oppose this White Paper on Independence. Instead we continue to call for radical federalism as the best way of developing class cohesion across the nations of Britain: national parliaments with powers of economic intervention, ownership and control and a federal parliament with overall powers over economic policy and a constitutional obligation to redistribute in terms of social need.
We believe that this provides the best framework for uniting working people on class terms against the state power of big business. Currently that power is concentrated at British level and represents above all the interests of the City of London.  Under a ‘White Paper’ Scottish Constitution big business will continue to exercise this power through its disproportionate ownership of the Scottish economy and the binding requirements of its instruments, the Bank of England and the EU Treaties.  
A No vote in the referendum has to be made the springboard for remobilising the working class movement at British level to demand real constitutional change.  The fight for radical federalism, as outlined in Red Paper, must begin now.  At the same time the fight for the objectives of the People’s Charter and the People’s Assembly, backed by the united trade union movement in England, Scotland and Wales, must be stepped up.  Radical Federalism will only be won on the basis of class mobilisation across the nations of Britain.



Clydebank TUC: Should the Working Class Support Independence?

Thursday 20th March 7pm Clydebank Town Hall

Cat Boyd,
Raymond Mennie,
Alex Smith,
Colin Fox

2014 march scottish independence clydebank tuc



Trade unionists and the Left have always seen the key test for any extension of democracy as how far it enhances the ability of working people to exercise control over economic power.
This conference will debate how far independence on the terms set out in the White Paper can secure this or how far some form of radical federalism is required to make inroads into the concentrated power of big business and finance and its interlock with the British state.
Key issues to be discussed will include:

  1. How to overcome the barriers to public ownership both as a result of EU competition and state aid legislation and more general restrictions on borrowing (obstacles that will exist whether Scotland votes Yes or No)
  2. How federal structures might be created that redistribute wealth and control over resources in ways that enhance labour’s power
  3. How best to develop commitment to international solidarity and opposition to alliances aimed at external economic control

Click on the image below to watch the full video of a full and worthy debate on the constituational question. http://morningstarscotland.org/2014-spring-conference-scotland-way-economic-self-determination/


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The Case for Communism: Young Communist League YCL Paisley

Young Communist League (YCL) shows The Case for Communism.

Don't listen to the Capitalist lies and distortions you were taught in school or what the capitalist media say - learn what Communists have to say and why we believe and campaign for a better world where the majority working class rule for good!

Recorded in Paisley near Glasgow, Scotland.


If you are between 12 and 28 years old, apply to join the YCL here http://yclbritain.wordpress.com/join-us/


Can Scotland be Independent in the EU?

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Professor John Foster (Communist Party International Secretary) and Marc Livingstone (Communist Party Scottish Chairperson) give a detailed examination of whether Scotland can actually be "independent" in the big business European Union. A fascinating discussion followed on, which brought out many more themes on this much neglected issue for the pro-independence Left.



2014 People's Assembly Scotland Launch

People's Assembly Scotland Launch: Phil McGarry RMT Union

People's Assembly Scotland Launch: Andrew Murray UNITE the Union

People's Assembly Scotland Launch: Grahame Smith General Secretary STUC

People's Assembly Scotland Launch: Ricky Tomlinson Shewsbury 24

People's Assembly Scotland Launch: Kevin McHugh PCS Union

People's Assembly Scotland Launch: John Stevenson UNISON Union

People's Assembly Scotland Launch: Contributions from the Floor


Communist Party Scottish Committee Member on Question Time Dundee 23/01/14

Communist Party Scottish Committee Member and leading Dundee communist Raymond Mennie appeared on Question Time Dundee yesterday. He utilised the chance to the attack the panel consisting of the rare Scots Tory, the duplicitous and pro business SNP & a New Labourite.

Comrade Mennie smashed the myths surrounding the so-called ‘benefit culture’ or as Scottish Labourites, namely Joanne Lamont termed it the ‘something for nothing culture’. He pointed out that most benefits are given to people already in work and that £7bn worth is disgracefully handed to poverty pay employers.


Further he attacked the fact that £23bn is poured straight into the pockets of private landlords taking advantage of the chronic housing shortage. A result of Thatcher’s right-to-buy and a lack of investment in council housing.

Turning the myth on its head he said that the real issue in this country is the massive and aggressive tax avoidance and evasion of private individuals and massive corporations. Demonstrating that the it is big business that is really guilty of lavish handouts from and dependency upon the state.

Well done Comrade Mennie. Hopefully we will see more communists on Question time in future . . . or perhaps they will reconsider their audience vetting process!

Taken from YCL Scotland http://youngcommunistleaguescotland.wordpress.com/


YCL Scotland launch new website & make 2014 a year of action!

YCL Scottish organiser Johnnie HunterNot being content to launch a new British Young Communist League website www.ycl.org.uk , young communist activists in Scotland have launched a new YCL website for Scotland http://youngcommunistleaguescotland.wordpress.com/ !


Be sure to favorite/ bookmark both these for the latest news, activity and analysis in Britain's revolutionary Young Communist movement.


If you are on Facebook then "like" the Young Communist League Scotland page https://www.facebook.com/scotland.ycl

If you use Twitter then follow @YCLScotland https://twitter.com/YCLScotland


If you are aged between 12 and 28 years old, Left-wing and want a Marxist Leninist education like non other with like-minded young activist Communists, then apply to join the YCL here http://yclbritain.wordpress.com/join-us/


After a sucessful year of campaigning in 2013, the YCL are stepping up to new challenges in putting out a clear Communist message in Scotland in this important year 2014. Here's a sample of some of the political material they were putting out in their street campaigning this week!

the YCL getting the message out there


Young Communists Launch New Website www.ycl.org.uk

YCL Young Communists Website

Congratulations to the Young Communist League and their brilliant new website www.ycl.org.uk or http://yclbritain.wordpress.com

Here is the New Year message from General Secretary Zoe Hennessy.....

Comrades and friends,

I would first like to thank the many of you who donated so generously to the YCL as part of our festive appeal.

2013 was a period of change for the YCL. Mick Carty stepped down as general secretary due to his age earlier this year, and I was elected in his place. On behalf of the YCL membership I would like to extend my gratitude to him for all he has done for the YCL during his time as general secretary, and the support and political insight he provided to YCLers. The party fielded Ryan Boyle, a YCL candidate, in a council election in Govan in October, beating the fascist candidate, as well as polling above another left candidate. We have held two successful day schools in Glasgow and in Birmingham over 2013.

2014 will be a busy year for the YCL we have a lot of work to do, both in the class struggle against this vicious ConDem government, and in strengthening and building our organisation. The year begins with the official relaunch of the North West YCL  at the party’s North West district congress in Manchester in February, due to a recent flurry of new applications. This will then be followed by an International Brigade Memorial to commemorate the socialists and anti-fascists who fought Franco, many of whom were in the YCL.

We also plan to hold a number of day schools throughout the year in various districts and nations. Currently we’re looking to have a national camp in the summer. We are also due to hold our congress later this year in London.  Our aim for this year is to grow the YCL into a more politically educated, more unified and disciplined youth organisation.

“Only by radically remoulding the teaching, organisation and training of the youth shall we be able to ensure that the efforts of the younger generation will result in the creation of a society that will be unlike the old society, i.e., in the creation of a communist society” V.I. Lenin

Onwards to victory!

Zoe Hennessy

YCL General Secretary

Upcoming Events

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